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May News Report!!

Lots of action with the song catalogue over the past few months…..

First, Twisted Sister perform my song, The Next Big Thing in the fascinating documentary, We Are Twisted Fuckin Sister. You don’t have to be a fan of the band to enjoy this film. It focuses on their early days packing the clubs on Long Island while they were completely  ignored by the record industry. A study in determination and perseverance, the documentary ends the day they sign their first record deal.

Then enjoy my tune New York, New York in the trailer for the third season of Knife Fight. I never heard of the show until they approached me about my song …but I like their taste in music.

If you love gangsters and Norway and who doesn’t, you’re probably an avid fan of Lillyhammer, the hit Netflix TV show starring Steve Van Zandt. In the latest season, season three/episode seven to be exact – the Norwegian band The Dahlmanns perform a song I co-wrote I Love You Baby (but I hate your friends).

As a kid, I devoured every rock magazine I could get my hands on. I was as much a fan of the rock critics as the rock stars. Richard Meltzer, Lester Bangs and Nick Tosches were my favorites. I eventually started up my own fanzine Teenage Wasteland Gazette and joined them writing for the legendary Creem Magazine, so I’m really  proud to be involved with Ticket to Write: The Golden Age of Rock Music Journalism. Still in production it will be a tribute to the age when rock and roll moved the culture … I was interviewed for the film that will include three of my tunes.