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Summer 2017 Report


Who’s the worst self-promoter in the world?

That must be me because I haven’t sent out an email or posted on my website in a long time which is why this one is jam packed with all sorts of juicy news about your best friend; Andy Shernoff.

OK, let’s start with the new pop-tastic EP by Norways finest rock band The Dahlmanns. It contains two tunes I wrote, Forever My Baby, my duet with Line Dahlmann and The Last Time. Forever My Baby was chosen as “The Coolest Song In The World” on Little Stevens Underground Garage radio show which marks the sixth time a song I was involved in as writer, singer or producer was chosen “Coolest Song of The Week”…. Give a listen on Spotify  or buy it from Pop Detective Records in the US and Next Big Thing Records in Europe ….and check out this guy who thinks “Andy Shernoff and The Dahlmanns = Gold.” Who am I to disagree?

Mick Rock took iconic photos of Bowie, Queen, Lou Reed and Iggy that are forever etched in our memory banks…. a new documentary about Mick entitled, Shot! the Psycho-Spiritual Mantra of Rock, recently opened in theaters and I am quite pleased that they used the song “Laugh And Walk Away” from my solo EP “Don’t Fade Away” to set the mood in the official trailer.

I have never played a video game in my life but my tune Faster and Louder made famous by my old band The Dictators made it into the new Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. I hear the game is popular with the kids and unemployed adults living in their parent’s basement!!!

Who doesn’t love the classic album LAMF by The Heartbreakers from the golden days of punk rock? I sure do and as producer of the new Waldos album which features Walter Lure who fronted The Heartbreakers alongside Johnny Thunders, I’m doing my best to make sure we keep that loose rock and roll spirit alive. I promise this record will sound like the glory days of 1977 when men were men and records were vinyl….The album is done and will be out on Cleopatra Records by the end of the year.

I recently closed the deal to sell my archives to Cornell University. I’m clearing out all the boxes of ephemera that I have been collecting since I was a kid. There are tons of cool and interesting music paraphernalia, books, posters, pins, video and audio. Better in an academic library than collecting dust in my storage unit. I kept a lot of the stuff that is meaningful to me and posted a few samples in my online rock and roll museum.

Finally, here are few of my recent live appearances …. April 29 I sang a few tunes at the charity fund raiser and tribute for the great Billy Miller at The Williamsburg Music Hall. Billy the proprietor of Norton Records and vocalist for The A –Bones passed away in November after a long and courageous battle with Multiple Myeloma.

On May 2nd I did a few guest spots at the book release party for my old friend Phillipe Marcade. I highly recommend his book Punk Attitude, a glorious romp through hedonistic Manhattan in the 70’s.

And on May 19th at the Joey Ramone Birthday bash at Webster Hall, I played bass in a superstar band along with Ramones producer Ed Stasium and Blondie drummer Clem Burke. We celebrated the 40th anniversary of Leave Home and Rocket to Russia, two albums that changed the face of rock and roll…. we miss you Joey!

I’m working on a project with one of the biggest names in country music so stay tuned …. and Respect the Rock!!

Your friend,