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September 2018 Report

I recently did an interview with the Garagerocktopia blog, which reminded me that I was due for a website update, so here’s the latest on my musical adventures…..

Songwriters live off of their mailbox money and I got a major placement when the Showtime series Billions used my song “The Next Big Thing” to help establish the character Taylor in the opening scene of the first show of the 3rd season.

I was flattered to find out the song was hand picked by Billions producer/writer/creator (and former Elektra A&R man) Brain Koppleman. The New York Times made note and praised it as an “astute music cue”…. not fake news!

1- We finished production on the new Walter Lure and The Waldos album and it’s finally out on Cleopatra records. You have my personal guarantee that you will find ‘Wacka Lacka Boom Bop A Loom Bam Boo’, to be a worthy follow up to the punk classics L.A.M.F and Rent Party Here’s a sample of the lead off track “Crazy Kids” which will be in the upcoming movie about the last days of Johnny Thunders.

2- Check out the new record by science fiction writer and Hawkwind/Blue Oyster Cult collaborator Michael Moorcock. It’s called the Spirits Burning project and I sang the song Dark Dominion. This was a real stretch, a much darker vocal than I’ve ever done before, good fun!

3-My buddy Jiro Okabe, owner of Mosrite Guitars approached me with an idea and asked me to collaborate with him on a scathing put-down song we called “I Don’t Wanna Be Like You”. Out soon on Mosrite Records USA!

4 –There have been other covers from less well-known artists recently. I was really impressed with The Boo Devils version of Who Will Save Rock and Roll they put their own rootsy spin on it. Old school Aussie punks The Hitmen also covered Who Will Save Rock and Roll while Toni Metralla y Los Antibalas did a cool Spanish language interpretation, Quien Salvara El Rakanroll. Kryptonite another combo from Spain recorded a killer version of Haircut and Attitude . Kudos to all!!

By the way… this could be my favorite interpretation of one of my tunes ever!

5- I want to urge everybody to stop by my YouTube channel and check out all my music and travel videos. Lots of fascinating stuff and I just broke 150,000 views! … I know that is just a drop in the YouTube ocean but there is satisfaction in knowing my music videos are alive and shared internationally. Now subscribe to keep up with my new stuff, dammit!

5- Finally, I have left my hometown New York City and moved upstate to the beautiful Hudson Valley. I am enjoying my new laid-back lifestyle but don’t get it in your head that I have retired, we’ve got tons of musicians up here and I perform regularly with three local bands … Ric The Chef and the Associates is led by award-winning celebrity chef Ric Orlando who beat Bobby Flay and won twice on Chopped. I’m playing bass with Ric but I’m on guitar with Sensuous Tiger, who perform the finest soft rock hits of the 70’s. We’re at The Colony in Woodstock on September 22. You can also catch me the last Wednesday of every month at the HiLo in Catskill, NY supporting Spike Priggen. We did a set of Alex Chilton covers in August.

Remember, everyday you make music is a good day!!!

Your pal,