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2019 Round Up

2019’s been a wild and crazy year… I got married, I left my beloved New York City and I made a beaucoup of music… not bad for an alta cocker!

The big news is I start recording in January, for a very exciting project with two of my oldest musical friends named Scott and Ross …. so stay tuned!

I’m very happy to announce that my tune, My Imaginary Friend was chosen as the Coolest Song of the Week on Little Steven’s Underground Garage in November. That makes the eighth time a song I either wrote or produced has been granted that distinction. Go me!!! … Thanks to Steve Van Zandt and the LSUG team for keeping loud guitars and the spirit of rock and roll alive

Listen to My Imaginary Friend at:

Hear my interview with DJ Mighty Manfred on the “Underground Garage Coolest Conversations” Podcast available wherever you download podcasts.

Way back in the day, before I was a musician I had aspirations of being a rock writer. I published a fanzine called Teenage Wasteland Gazette and contributed to numerous rock mags including the notorious Creem Magazine where I received many large paydays writing reviews.

Andy’s college fund

I was flattered when two of my songs were chosen for the soundtrack of the new documentary about Creem titled Boy Howdy! The Story of Creem: America’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll Magazine… kudos to director Scott Crawford for his excellent taste.

I also made a screen appearance in the doc The Center of Nowhere about the overlooked music scene in Springfield Missouri. Home to the Ozark Jubilee TV show in the 50’s, the movie documents all the great musicians and songwriters that passed through that unheralded music town. I traveled there a few times to work with the my buddy Lou Whitney (RIP) at Column One studios, so thanks to director Dave Hoestra for documenting this music and included my remembrances in his movie.

I recently completed my musical discography, 185 record credits as musician, songwriter or producer – no sleep till Brooklyn!

Then check out my filmography:

Nick Tosches was an early mentor of mine. He passed away in October. Please read my obituary here:

On a personal note I got married to the wonderful Carla Rhodes. I also sold my NYC apartment completely cutting ties with the town where I was born and raised for the laid back lifestyle of the Hudson Valley. I couldn’t be happier as, I maintain an active, music life playing bass with numerous bands, recording in my home studio and playing piano.

Maybe I’ll post my arrangements of Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me and Bridge Over Troubled Waters someday.

Everyday you make music is a good day!!

Your pal,