Are You Ready To Rapture?

The skies part, as a light shines through
Guess who’s back, it’s the zombie jew

He’s really pissed, at the unmarried fornicators
The stem cell crusaders and the butt hole invaders

So the towers fell, and the earth did quake
Just a little taste of his vengeance , America prepare for your fate

Cause when the trumpets sound, he will astound
watch the rivers turn to blood
The sinners cry, the dead will rise
Judgement day has come

Are you ready to rapture?
The savior that you spurn
Loves you forever, but the unbelievers must burn
When the zombie jew returns

Jewish zombie had a virgin for a mommy
He’s so confused, life’s a mess
When you got two daddy’s and you think you’re blessed

So he died for your sins, came back for your brains
Guilt trippin till we’re all insane
He needs your money, he reads your mind
From his theme park in the sky

Are you ready to rapture?
Our savior has returned
He loves you forever
But the unbelievers must burn
When the zombie jew returns

The anti-christ will come as a man of peace
He could be the president with a microchip implanted by the beast

So he’s gonna tempt and tease ya
Use evolution to deceive ya
And when the final battle comes
Will you be a chosen one?

Are you ready to rapture?
On a white horse you will ride
Revenge will be so sweet, when all the heathens burn
And the zombie jew returns