New Record Report

My master plan to pump out new music every few months is in full effect. I am currently in final overdub mode for my second solo record at the world renowned recording studio Andy’s House Of Hits; otherwise known as my spare bedroom. With one EP under my belt, I am feeling more focused and assured as a solo artist, which will come across in the performances and production.

This new EP will be a concept record about two of my favorite subjects; religion and faith. Entitled On The First Day, Man Created God, it includes three new tunes, Fisher Of Men, Skeptical and Get On Your Knees For Jesus as well as my epic, viral YouTube video hit, Are You Ready To Rapture,  finally available on CD and download.

This is a record that will undoubtably bring hours of listening pleasure for you, the discerning audiophile…. but be forewarned, if you are easily offended or have a weak heart; please do not attempt to give it a listen !