Tracking completed for new record

Tracking is done for the new record. I went to Springfield to record 4 songs but things went so well I ended up recording 7, including a tune I wrote while I was there. I was planning on an EP but it now seems as if a full length CD is more likely. I think these are some of the best songs I ever wrote but time will tell if that is true.

I have many personal issues to deal with over the next month but you can’t stop the rock!…. we start overdubs next week with Trica Scotti, Brian Hurd and a few guest stars!!!

January 9, 2012: I start recording tracks for a new CD this week. I wanted to record in Muscle Shoals with the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section but my time machine isn’t working, so I chose the modern equivalent … Springfield, Missouri and The Skeletons. These guys – Lou Whitney, Donnie Thompson, Joe Terry and Bobby Lloyd Hicks – are superlative musicians and have been playing together for decades. They’ve toured and recorded with Dave Alvin, Steve Forbert, Jonathan Richmond, Scott Kempner, Syd Straw and even Bo Diddley. They know how to bring out the best in a song as only experienced players can do.

I’ll report later on as things progress….. meanwhile wish this heathen luck in the heartland.