What do Blue Coupe and Drivin’ N’ Cryin have in common?

What do Blue Coupe and Drivin’ N’ Cryin have in common?…..They both had the smarts to use Andy Shernoff songs on their new CD’s.

Supernatural Love- Blue Coupe

Blue Coupe is comprised of musicians Albert and Joe Bouchard from the Blue Oyster Cult and Dennis Dunaway from Alice Cooper. As a budding young rocker I listened to to both those bands incessantly, worshiping their records but more importantly assimilating their songwriting craft which helped me  establish the standards I aspire to in my own writing.  I was thrilled when Albert Bouchard asked me to collaborate on a tune for the new Blue Coupe record.

We sat in my home studio one evening throwing ideas back and forth until we had a few chord changes and a melody we both liked. I kept hearing the phrase Supernatural Love in the chorus, so we parted that evening with chord changes and a title. A day or two later Albert came up with the first lyrical draft and again we went back and forth a few times until I felt I needed clarification as to exactly what we were writing about. Albert said he was thinking about Helen Wheels, our dear friend who left this world tragically in 2000. At that moment the skies parted and all the lyrics flowed into place. I even wanted to sub-title the song “Helen’s Tune”.

Helen Wheels is a footnote in the history of New York rock but a woman whose legend looms large for those who knew her and her accomplishments… She was a songwriter with numerous songs covered by the Blue Oyster Cult, she was one of the first women to lead a band in the CBGB’s era and she was a competitive bodybuilder long before women were a force in that sport. Helen left a strong, powerful, feminist legacy but will always be remembered for her heart of gold by those who loved her. Supernatural Love is about how Albert and I maintain contact with our dearly departed soul sister.

Check out Supernatural Love on Blue Coupe’s CD, Million Miles More –

Up and Down and Round and Round

The band Drivin’ n’ Cryin’ is on a schedule to record and release a new EP every few months. That puts a lot of pressure on songwriter Kevn Kinney. He stopped by my house one day and after a few cups of coffee, he mentions that he could use another song for his next EP with the title “From The Psychedelic Time Clock”. I pulled out my 12 string and played him a 60’s inspired riff and chord change that I thought might fit his theme. He took it home and came back with some hilarious lysergic soaked lyrics. The tune is tons of fun, complete with an electric sitar riff and  hallucinogenic production techniques.

Check out “Upside Down Round and Round” on Drivin’ n’ Cryin’s new EP – “From The Psychedelic Time Clock”.