Joey Ramone’s New Record Report

Hanging with Professor Irwin Corey "The Worlds Foremost Authority", Marky Ramone and Joey Ramone

I’m in disguise on the left with Professor Irwin Corey “The Worlds Foremost Authority”, Marky Ramone and Joey Ramone


On May 22 the new Joey Ramone record, “… Ya Know”, will be released. It’s really a compilation of old demos with newly recorded backing tracks. Ed Stasium did a exceptional job framing Joey’s vocals with new instrumentation and it’s certainly a trip to hear Joey’s voice coming through the speakers again though there is a part of me that wishes people could hear the original raw demos.

I was honored to be asked to play bass on four of the tunes; New York City, 21st Century Girl, Cabin Fever and Eyes of Green. Through the magic of modern technology I was able to rock out with the great Bun E Carlos from Cheap Trick on Eyes Of Green without ever sharing the studio with him. I predict in a few years people will be able to make records even if they can’t play an instrument or sing in tune…. mark my words!!

The most special song for me is “Make Me Tremble”. I co-wrote it with Joey and played all the music. When Mickey (Joey’s brother) expressed interest in using it on the new record we were unable to find the original 8-track master tapes. I could only find the DAT copy that I kept as a rough mix. That is the version used on the album. No remixing or overdubbing, just this unembellished document of the 3 or 4 hours we spent in the studio. It’s a sweet, simple song documenting a different side of Joey.